Programme priorities and Inspiration

We are looking for projects applications that are bold and creative. As this is a new fund in the West of England there are no local examples of LEADER funded projects in our area yet so we have tried to define our local policies in more practical terms and to direct you to similar projects.


An expanding, future proofed food, farming and horticultural sector


Rural micro and small businesses making the most of the goods, services, diversity and traditional richness of the West of England’s rural landscape


A mature and successful tourism infrastructure based on the local distinctiveness


Well connected, healthy, active and resilient rural communities, where people are able to mutually support each other and develop creative solutions


A diverse and vibrant range of culture and heritage resources based on people, communities, traditions, properties and landscapes


An innovative and sustainable forestry (and woodland) sector in the West of England


Maximising the benefit from the close linkages between the cities and the rural areas


A thriving social enterprise sector underpinning the rural economy

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