How to apply

The West of England Rural Development Programme is now CLOSED to new applications. Thank you for all your interest in the programme.


There are two stages to the formal application process

  • Expression of interest (eligibility for funding assessed by WoE RDP staff team)
  • Full application (given detailed appraisal, ranked against other projects, final decision made by LAG).

Expressions of interest will be assessed for completeness and eligibility. If the application is complete and the project is eligible (according to the criteria given in the applicants’ handbook) you will be invited to complete a full application within the allocated time frame. You will be notified within 10 working days of receipt of the expression of interest if you can proceed to make a full application.

If the expression of interest is not accepted, you will be told why and provided with details of how to improve your project should you wish to re-submit.

Full applications and the portfolio of supporting documents, which will include financial accounts, cash-flow projections, quotes for all eligible costs, confirmation of any permissions required and other supporting information will be independently appraised.

Note that we appoint project sponsors to guide you through the process and we strongly advise you make use of the appointed person.

All full applications submitted within a given timescale will be quality checked, scored and ranked according to their strategic fit with national LEADER and local priorities outlined in the Local Development Strategy including value for money, local need, financial performance, sustainability, approach and risk. The highest scoring projects will be recommended for funding; the final decision will be made by the LAG.


The dates below show the minimum length of time for the process for submitting a full application to the potential start date for the project which allows for the processing period of the application. These are fixed points in the process.

Latest date for receipt of expression of interest Latest date for receipt
of full application
Earliest possible decision making meeting Earliest possible start
date of project
04/10/2018 13/12/2018 14/02/2019 04/03/2019
18/01/2019 01/04/2019 06/06/2019 24/06/2019

*it normally takes applicants at least two months to complete a full application following a successful submission of an expression of interest.  You may be able to complete your application more quickly, the key date to note is the full application deadline

If you would like to discuss your project idea,  please contact the programme management team.

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